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31 July, 2019

Gastro tour



Gastro tour in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a city with special and very special atmospheres, characterized by a strongly chameleonic and multiform historical center, dotted with churches, palaces, squares and art museums of rare beauty.

As for the gastro tour price and services, we can start by saying that most of the specialties and typical local dishes are heirs of the poor and essential dishes of the old villagers, made with basic but tasty ingredients like cereals, potatoes and vegetables such as beets, cauliflower and mushrooms, seasoned with dill, garlic and, finally, vinegar: all with low gastro tour cost.

Gastro tour Kyiv Ukraine

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Our gastro tour order: Holubtsy: are rolls prepared with rolled and stuffed cabbage leaves with seasoned rice, buckwheat or meat, seasoned with a delicious tomato sauce.

Kasha: with the term Kasha, is meant in Ukrainian language, the cereal, indeed, every type of cereal in general. In particular we mean prepared dishes based on buckwheat in a side dish version, stuffing or filling.

Where to have a gastro tour order in Kiev

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Typical food in Kiev:

Pancakes: they are of three different types. The deruny fritters prepared with potatoes and served with a delicious creamy sauce suitable to accompany tasty meat or vegetable dishes. The nalysnyky fritters, thin and soft crepes and, finally, the mlyntsy, small size crepes with the most important thickness.

Vareniki: are the most common and consumed dishes in Ukraine and Kiev. They are delicious half-moon shaped ravioli with a tasty filling of meat, fresh cheese or vegetables; there are 50 types of different fillings and are served with sour cream or melted butter.

Tovtchenyky: it is a fish dish cooked in the court bouillon and served accompanied by tasty and tasty fried onions.

Kholodets: dish based on poultry meat or pork served accompanied by different types of gelatin.

Pampouchky: dish made with boiled flour cakes seasoned with garlic and fried with lard.

food and wine-kiev-vareniks

 Vareniki, a typical Ukrainian first course, based on stuffed pasta.

Churchkheli: these are exquisite desserts prepared with dried fruit, in particular with hazelnuts, in the characteristic candle or sausage shape, served with the addition of a jelly made with apple or pomegranate juice or with wine.

2 of the best restaurant:


The Taras Bulba in Kiev is a restaurant located in the center of the city within the Schevchenko park, pervaded and tinged with a light and relaxing atmosphere, the restaurant Taras Bulba, offers dishes from the Ukrainian culinary tradition. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Kiev, with an enviable location and high-level cuisine. The prices of the Taras Bulba are a little higher than those of the Ukrainian average but the place, the atmosphere and the quality of the dishes is really good. The restaurant’s specialty is the Ravioli stuffed with black cherry. Price range from 10 to 39 euros per person.

Address: ul. Pushkinskaya, 2-4 / 7, Kiev 01034, Ukraine

Telephone: 93-342-38-68

Opening times: open Tuesday to Sunday: from 09.00 to 23.45 – Monday: closed.

food and wine-kiev-taras-bulba

The Taras Bulba of Kiev, one of the most famous restaurants in Kiev.


The O Panas of Kiev is a delightful restaurant located within a small park near the opera. Specializing in traditional Ukrainian cuisine, O Panas offers recipes prepared with fresh produce from the farm that the owners own, tasty and tasty. For those wishing to wander outside the Ukrainian culinary boundaries, in this characteristic restaurant you can also enjoy international cuisine. Excellent value for money, from 16 to 20 euros per person.

Address: 10, Tereshynkivska str, Kiev, Ukraine

Telephone: 38-044- 235 2132

Opening times: open from Tuesday to Sunday: from 08.00

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